British Asian and Asian American Employee Affinity Group celebrates AAPI Heritage Month

LEXINGTON, Ky. (May 29, 2024) — The Asian and Asian American Employee Affinity Group (AAA EAG) at the University of Kentucky was established by the Office for Institutional Diversity in Great Britain to promote a culture of inclusivity and belonging through professional development and mutual understanding. The group recently celebrated AAPI Heritage Month with an event for university employees.

“Over the past year, nearly 150 members came together several times and provided positive feedback, eager to do more,” said Tracy Lu, co-leader of AAA EAG. “These events have already led to meaningful professional connections among members, including research collaborations and project proposals. Our meetings have served as a platform for inspiration, collaboration and camaraderie, empowering AAA EAG members both professionally and personally.”

In addition to professional collaboration, AAA EAG events also provide members with a place to share their talents and learn new skills. The group plans to host more events in the future that will focus on members’ skills, creating space for others to learn new talents.

“AAA EAG members greatly appreciate the extensive support from the Office for Institutional Diversity and the entire campus community,” said Lu. “Our efforts align very well with the vision of inclusive diversity promoted by university leaders, and this group provides a fantastic support network for our AAPI employees in Britain.”

The AAA EAG currently has more than 250 members hailing from various Asian countries including China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand, among others.

Learn more about our upcoming events by contacting co-leads Tracy Lu, Ph.D., ([email protected]) and Suzanne McGinnis ([email protected]), or by visiting https: //oid to go.