Performance, age, discipline: Otto Addo has to explain ‘retirement’ to Andre

An unnamed former Black Stars player has demanded further and better details from Black Stars coach Otto Addo over the exclusion of Dede Ayew from his latest call-up.

The player, speaking to sports journalist Saddick Adams, demanded that Otto Addo open up about the reasons why Dede Ayew was dropped, warning that it was important to ensure that the departure from the team is done in the right way to avoid that players harbor pain and ill will. against the team.

Adams, aka Sports Obama, addressed the ex-player’s concerns in a presentation on his YouTube page on June 3, 2024.

“A big man called me, he warned that players should not leave the Black Star team with bitterness. He is an ex-Black Stars top player. He says that many Black Stars players can see from afar that the team cannot progress because of the pain they harbor against the squad,” he stated.

Saddick cited the example of Awuley Quaye Jr., who is known to have rejected a national flag used to drape his casket.

He further talked about the former player’s concerns: “The Dede Ayew episode is confusing because when Dede was without a team or playing in a lower league, he was invited.

“Why is it that now that he is at a regular club and plays regularly in the French league, players of lower quality are being called up, while he is supposedly retired. If it is because of age, there are players called up who are older than him , when it comes to performance, he does better than others.

“If it is a disciplinary issue, we need to know,” he stressed.

It is believed that Dede’s exclusion from Otto Addo’s squad is in line with the coach’s bid to build a new Black Stars squad with younger players.

Otto reportedly met with Dede to explain things to him before the squad for two World Cup qualifiers was announced weeks ago.