People are only now realizing what the ‘harmless’ spots in proteins are

You may have noticed that when you break an egg, there are little brown specks in the egg white. After all these years, it turns out they might not be pieces of shell

You may sometimes notice small brown spots in your egg whites(Getty images)

You can’t beat eggs.

They are tasty, versatile and can be prepared in different ways. Whether boiled, scrambled or poached: you can’t go wrong with a simple egg dish.

They’re the brunch food of champions, but have you ever noticed anything strange when you open them? If you look closely at the egg white, you will probably see small brown spots appearing occasionally.

Although you may think they are pieces of shell, in reality they are not. In fact, they are absolutely “harmless”. But people are only now realizing what they are thanks to an awesome thread on Reddit.

Someone brought it to people’s attention by posting a photo of their raw egg, showing tiny dots in the egg white. The light brown spots seemed to make them a little concerned.

The message read: “I’ve never bought this brand before but they seem to taste better. I’ve eaten about 10 of the dozen so far and this is the first time I’ve seen this. Does anyone know what those spots are? ” I’m circled? It’s not a grenade, it was a clean break.”

People have been quick to share their thoughts since the question was asked, and it didn’t take long for the cooking riddle to be cleared up. We all learn something new every day!

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