SARU throws book at Zelt with eight new charges – Saru throws book at Zelt with eight new charges

The polemical former president of the Western Province Rugby Football Union, Zelt Marais, has the book thrown at him by the South African Rugby Football Union.

Marais, who was banned for 12 months in 2022 for several breaches of the SARU code of conduct, faces another disciplinary hearing.

The new hearing – the date of which has yet to be set – includes eight charges of continued violations and his insistence that he is still the WPRFU president.

Chantal du Pisani, Head of Legal and Compliance at SARU; sent Marais a letter informing him of the hearing.

@rugby365com obtained a copy of the letter, which was delivered to Marais via electronic media and by hand.

Lawyer André May was appointed as bailiff to review the charges against Marais.

“Please note that this letter serves as notice, in terms of clause 5.2 of the SARU – Disciplinary and Judicial Regulations, that the Chief Executive Officer has referred your numerous and serious breaches of the Code of Conduct to the Chairman of the National Judicial Commission” , Du Pisani said in the letter to the disgraced former WPRFU boss.

Marais was told he is entitled to legal representation in the disciplinary proceedings.

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One of the main issues against Marais is that in April he appeared in a video with Dr. Jerome Swartz of the Africa Restoration Alliance, a political party that received only 11,108 votes in the recent national elections.

Marais’ conversation with Swartz, which can still be seen on the party’s social media channels, followed shortly after ARA initiated proceedings against SARU in an attempt to have SARU’s decision to place WPRFU under administration declared unlawful and to put aside.

Marais was introduced as “de facto the WPRFU president.”

Swartz talks about the reason for the lawsuit against SARU, claiming that “SARU stole almost ZAR 1 billion” from the approximately 90 clubs in the Western Province.

In the video they call it ‘normal brown clubs, colored clubs and black clubs’.

They also accuse the new equity partner, Red Disa, of complicity in the ‘theft’ after robbing the local clubs.

“That is criminal,” Swartz said, with Marais not correcting Swartz’s statements.

Marais also thanks ARA for ‘coming to the rescue’ of the clubs – to save their potential assets.

“When we go deep into the transaction, the clubs were only given seven days to consider the transaction,” Marais said, adding: “It is completely against all ethics and reasonableness and if you come from a governance point of view, contrary to the Companies Act and every other common law statute you can find.

“The clubs have all been misled.”

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Marais also claims that SARU is ‘recolonizing’ the union.

“Our courts have not even discussed the reparations and the redistribution of the wealth stolen from our people 300 years ago,” Marais said, adding: “Here we are dealing with a continued expropriation of wealth from the people , as our government should do. to protect.”

Du Pisani said in the letter to Marais that due to his past position and involvement with WPRFU, he is still responsible and subject to the code of conduct.


SARU letter to Zelt - clip

SARU letter to Zelt - clip