Latest elections: ex-reform leader makes ‘painful discovery’ about Farage, says minister | Political news

Who has time to devise policy when you have to make absolutely crucial decisions about what to wear on the campaign trail?

Jokes aside, some attention has been paid to the fashion choices of both Rishi Sunak and Sir Keir Starmer in recent days.

The Prime Minister, whose penchant for Adidas Samba shoes had already made headlines before the election started, raised eyebrows with his expensive backpack as he took the sleeper train to Cornwall.

It was reported to be a £750 luxury backpack from Tumi, monogrammed with his initials.

‘Legal attire is not enough’

And then there was Sir Keir’s £500 jacket from French fashion brand Sandro, which he wore during his visit to Blackpool.

Sarah Gray, a personal stylist and image consultant, shared Kay Burley‘s breakfast program, the two leaders must look good.

Their dress sense can help them “appeal to a broad audience,” and make them appear “more approachable” and “more relatable.”

Sir Keir, she says, in his role as Labor leader “absolutely realizes that his legal garb will not spoil him”.

But she says both Sunak and Sir Keir would want to be careful about wearing expensive clothes in ‘less affluent’ areas.

Farage has ‘tightened up’ his suits

She also noted a slight change in Nigel Farage’s suit as he announced he would take over Reform and stand for parliament on Monday afternoon.

“We could see him getting sharper,” she said.

And the purple UKIP-coloured tie of election campaigns of a bygone era is long gone; this time it was decorated with butterflies, which symbolizes “transformation,” Gray said.