World Environment Day: Roland-Garros’ strong commitments – Roland-Garros

These are the main principles of this sustainable food charter:

Responsible purchasing: 80% of the food served at Roland-Garros is local and seasonal (all vegetables available to the public are in season, supporting local producers and reducing transport emissions), and 30% is certified and labeled , which guarantees high quality, environmentally friendly products.

– Combating food waste by reducing portions and redistributing the surplus

– More plant-based options: 50% of the food served this year is vegetarian.

– Raising awareness and educating people

– Social inclusion and employment: the tournament is committed to helping people (re)enter the workplace. 10% of the tournament caterers’ staff must be part of a back-to-work arrangement.

For more detailed information on the Paris Grand Slam’s commitments to sustainable food, click on the article below:

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