Journey of Shankar Window Glasses: From the Manufacturer

The grand opening of the new Shankar Fenestration Glasses (SFG) showroom in Vijay Nagar was something they were quite excited about. Strategically expanding into this busy location allows the company to deliver its superior window products closer to customers, marking a major milestone in its growth. The goal of the new showroom is to provide customers with a thorough, interactive experience so they could thoroughly explore the wide range of products SFG had to offer.

DC Chandra

The main benefit for customers visiting the showroom is the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about each product. Customers could view, touch and learn more about these materials directly from the manufacturer. These materials include the energy efficient UPVC alternatives, the elegant range of glass types, the modern sophistication of facade glazing and the durability and aesthetic appeal of aluminum doors and windows. SFG’s competent staff are always ready to provide comprehensive information and guidance, ensuring that customers can make well-informed decisions, tailored to their own requirements and preferences.

SFG is proud of its experience as a maker of design profiles, fixed slats and aluminum doors and windows. A variety of these goods were on display in the showroom, highlighting the excellent craftsmanship and innovative designs for which SFG was known. Customers were able to gain a better insight into the caliber and adaptability of SFG’s products, ranging from modern, contemporary designs to more conventional styles, by visiting the showroom. Customers were able to better visualize how these solutions could improve their own spaces, whether residential, commercial or industrial projects, when they interacted directly with the items.

Mr. Dinesh Chandra, Founder of Shankar Fenestration Glasses stated that we were excited to share the news of SFG’s showroom expansion. We are extremely grateful for our communities and the continued support of our loyal customers. At this new location we can serve you better and present a larger range of products. We appreciated your participation in our journey.”

All in all, the new SFG showroom in Vijay Nagar marked a remarkable improvement in terms of accessibility and customer service. It not only expanded the company’s physical footprint, but also reaffirmed its commitment to providing its valued customers with excellent products and knowledge. With this development, customers received an improved experience and found it easier than ever to identify the ideal window solutions for their needs.