Tsametse demands return of ‘killer clothes’



Tsametse has begged his lawyer to help him get back the clothes he wore the night he killed his then 16-year-old cousin in March 2018. “I’ve been asking for my clothes for a long time. There was no DNA on it and the case is now over. I would like to have them back,” he said. Tsametse said the clothes had long been taken from him by the investigating officer. His lawyer reportedly promised to contact the relevant authorities to get them back. Even after he was convicted, Tsametse, as he walked out of the courtroom, begged his mother to pay attention to his clothes.

Investigating Officer (IO) in the case, Detective Sergeant Moses Motshegare took the stand and explained to the court why Tsametse had a case to answer. The IO said that on March 20, 2018, he received a call from a traditional healer known as Rabeisane who told him that they had a client who said he needed help because he had killed someone in Mogoditshane. He said he went there with his colleagues and arrived while Tsametse was being assisted. “We arrested him and went to interview him. During interrogation he told me that he had killed the deceased but could not produce any confession. When I asked why he killed him, he said he wanted money to start a taxi company,” Motshegare said.

Motshegare added that Tsametse told him he was wearing shorts and black sneakers. “He took me to a nearby bush where he gave me the black sneakers. We then went to his house where he took out the trousers and the items were sealed and taken to the forensic laboratory,” he said. Under cross-examination, Tsametse’s lawyer, Ngwenya, asked whether DNA had been found on the items seized from Tsametse. Motshegare said there was none. However, he said they had confirmed that the other shoe marks were from Tsametse’s black sneakers. Despite everything said by witnesses who identified him as his cousin’s killer, Tsametse told the court he “never did it”.

About the shoes on display in court, Tsametse said he told Motshegare he had thrown them away because they were torn. Tsametse has been sentenced to death by Judge Modiri Letsididi of the Lobatse High Court since last month.