NIKKI GAL | Wonderland

The American model delves into mental health advocacy within the fashion industry.

Emerging as a vocal and visual advocate for mental health, Nikki Gal is on a journey to break stigmas and facilitate a candid, supportive environment within the fashion industry. Nikki started her modeling career 11 years ago at just 15 years old and has created a comprehensive picture of struggling with mental health issues while working in the fashion industry. Nikki elaborates on this and explains: “I have seen many people struggle with themselves and their own identity. I want to convey the message that no one in this industry is alone, despite the challenges they have faced in their career.”

Through engaging interviews, social media and campaigns, Gal encourages open and honest conversations about mental health. In 2020, Gal launched an artwork titled “Say Her Name,” in which he advocated for racial injustice by honoring six women whose lives were brutally taken as a result of police brutality. The piece gained massive traction, racking up more than 10 million views on social media and catching the attention of Zoë Kravitz, Amber Riley and Tracee Ellis Ross. Over the past three years, the model has made progress on numerous platforms, working with models around the world and making progress with a global impact. Nikki says: “I had the pleasure of launching two international mental health focused campaigns #MORETHAN and Mind Over Face in May this year, with both campaigns shining a light on representation and diversity in the fashion community.”

Nikki further explains: “I hope to see more of this change in the industry – it’s about impact, community and most importantly, unification.” Through her platform of partnering with mental health organizations and her community involvement, Gal is on a mission to break down barriers while uniting the fashion community.