Judges’ retirement benefits should be tailored to the unique nature of their work

Retirement benefits for judges should reflect the unique nature of their work, says Chief Justice Martha Koome.

Koome said this will ensure that the position of judge remains valued and attractive to the most deserving members of the legal profession.

Koome, through her

“Despite efforts, the lack of legislative support has hampered progress over the past 30 years,” she said.

Koome said that the The judiciary has historically been considered part of the civil service.

Before major reforms, it functioned as a department under the Attorney General’s Chambers.

She said the decoupling of the judiciary from the civil service in 1993 was aimed at increasing financial independence, while recognizing the unique working conditions of judges.

“It is notable that other civil servants have moved to the Public Service Pension System, but judges and teachers are the only state and government employees still covered by the 1946 Pension Act,” Koome said.