Spotify’s monthly rate will increase in July

Author Benedetta Baldin – 4.6.2024

Music lovers and enthusiasts are about to hear some disappointing news. Streaming giant Spotify has announced a price increase for its subscriptions from July, making it one of the most expensive platforms for streaming. The changes affect the Individual, Duo and Family subscriptions, while the Student subscription remains unaffected.

Starting next month, the cost of Spotify’s Individual plan will increase by $1, bringing the new monthly amount to $11.99. The Duo plan, designed for two users living at the same address, will see a $2 increase, bringing the monthly cost to $16.99. The Family plan, which can accommodate up to six family members, will experience the largest increase of $3, resulting in a new monthly fee of $19.99. Student accounts will thankfully continue to be offered at the existing rate of $5.99 per month.

The price increase is expected to impact millions of subscribers worldwide. Spotify’s pricing strategy will likely influence its competitors, potentially leading to similar adjustments across the market.

When the changes take effect in July, Spotify users will have the opportunity to evaluate the new pricing and consider the many benefits of their subscription so they can continue to enjoy a rich and diverse music experience.

Will the audience divert their money to another platform or remain loyal to them? Time will tell.