Sustainable mangrove restoration in South India – DW – 06/04/2024

Fishermen in Tamil Nadu are restoring mangrove forests to protect their local coast from flooding. Using baskets woven from palmyra leaves to grow the mangrove seedlings makes a big difference to the environment, to the way the trees develop, and also to people from local communities, some of whom rely on mangrove braiding as an important source of income. . Mangrove seedlings are often planted in plastic bags, ultimately adding to the plastic waste that already dominates waterways. Palmyras, on the other hand, are a species of tree native to Tamil Nadu. Woven together, their leaves create durable, sturdy structures that support the growth of the mangrove seedlings. Sumantha Narayanan of OMCAR, involved in the project, says, “Palmyra bags negate the destruction of the root structure as we do not remove these bags.”
A win-win, for both the climate and people.