Book review: ‘Beyond Summerland: A Novel’ by Jenny Lecoat

The book will be in stores at Graydon House on Tuesday, July 2. Click the link to purchase a copy.

World War II is over and the Channel Islands are finally liberated from the Germans. Life is changed forever and for Jean Paris, who is 19, and her mother, the fate of their father is finally revealed. During the war he was taken by the Germans. A man shows up claiming he was with her father and that he is dead, and now Jean finds out that someone betrayed him because he had a radio and suspects it was Hazel, who lived above the store her father owned . She denies it, and soon Jean discovers shocking truths about her father and her family and that Hazel may not be guilty after all, while she herself is keeping a shocking secret that could get her into big trouble. This is a well-written, character-driven novel about two women and their secrets, who form a friendship against all odds. Readers become emotionally involved in the story. A good 4th of July novel.

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