Season 2 of Prime Video Top Show scores a Fang-tastic 98% Tomatometer

This show is probably the best thing that ever happened to Anne Rice’s books.

A year and a half ago, AMC – the network that brought us Mad Men and Breaking Bad – debuted a new adaptation of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. While fans of the Neil Jordan movie and blind casting haters scoured the show, the press and actual viewers raved about the unexpected hit.

In the show, the immortal vampire tells his tragic biography to a journalist, sharing his memories of how he became a bloodsucker and his relationship with a close friend. The enthusiastic reception allowed the show to return for a second season, which was intended to cement Interview with the Vampire’s status as one of the best and most underrated shows of our time. And it did just that.

So far, four of the eight episodes have aired, and each of the four chapters of the new season has received a rating of over 8.0 on IMDb, and the second season’s rating on Rotten Tomatoes is a near-perfect 98% .

Vampire series interview approved by Anne Rice herself

Despite their popularity, Rice’s books were never properly received in Hollywood, with only two big screen adaptations. This was probably due to the fact that the author herself was very sensitive about her creation and did not sell the copyright to everyone.

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For the past decade, Rice has been trying to get the books into safe hands. And as we can now see, she succeeded. However, the author did not appreciate the resulting series: Anne Rice died in December 2021, almost immediately after the start of production on the new version of Interview with the Vampire.

What is Interview with the Vampire Season 2 about?

The second season of Interview with the Vampire suffered two irreparable losses from the start: first, the series was left without one of its core fan favorites; the actress who played Claudia, Bailey Bass and Delainey Hayles took her place; second, the creators threw out Lestat’s storyline, leaving his presence in the show in the form of flashbacks.

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The main storyline focuses on the relationship between Louis and Claudia: together they travel through Eastern Europe, become entangled in the events of World War II and then settle in glamorous Paris, where they join the compelling theater of the ancient vampire Armand.

Season 2 proved that Interview with the Vampire is an old story with fangs and blood that has been revived for a new generation, while still fitting neatly into the vampire canon. So you have no choice but to be seduced by the story and eagerly look forward to the next episodes.

Where can you stream an interview with the vampire?

You can watch both seasons of Interview with the Vampire on Prime Video.