Frizzy hair can be a nightmare

Unruly locks can put a damper on sultry summer looks.

One hair care professional has come up with a simple way to make frizzy hair a thing of the past.

A beauty expert has revealed her secrets to frizz-free hair during the hot summer months (stock photo)Credit: Alamy

Hayley Walker, beauty expert at Justmylook, gave her advice for taming summer locks.

Hair hacks ensure that hair is moisture resistant and looks flawless.

She provided a holistic approach to looking your best in the sweaty summer months.

Walker’s advice also included makeup and skin care tips.


Many people skip the blowouts and don’t know what to do with their manes in the warmer months.

“With warm weather comes the dreaded damp hair that many of us suffer from in the summer,” she said.

“Humidity causes frizz and flatness because the excess moisture in the air disrupts the bonding of the hair, which leads to water molecules entering the strands and binding to the hair’s protein.

“This can cause the hair to lose its styled shape and become flat or frizzy. This can be a nightmare in the summer, but a useful trick to make your hair moisture resistant is to use hair oil.”

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Hair oils come in different types with different goals in mind, from a thorough wash day to growing longer locks and even taming frizz.

“Hair oil acts as a barrier and prevents humidity from disturbing your hair.

“Your hair will be less sensitive to the effects of moisture if you use hair oil, leaving your hair smooth and manageable.

“Similarly, hair butter works great here because its moisturizing properties reduce frizz caused by humidity.”

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Walker gave her advice on her favorite hair oil to beat the heat.

“The Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil for Boosting Shine and Repairing is suitable for all hair types and fights frizz and flyaways,” she said.

“It strengthens and protects the hair structure, significantly improving shine and improving manageability, leaving hair with a revitalized texture and healthy appearance during humid days.”

The Olaplex No 7 Bonding Oil for Boosting Shine and Repairing retails at Sephora for $30.


Walker would certainly offer top-to-bottom advice on how to dazzle the crowds this summer.

“The hottest months are the best time to exfoliate. During the summer, sweat and sunscreen can build up on our skin, causing dirt to stick around,” she says.

“To combat this and achieve smooth, healthy skin, take the time to exfoliate your body to remove dirt, sweat, or sunscreen buildup.

“This method removes dead skin cells and dirt to prevent clogged pores, leaving you with fresh, radiant skin.

“I recommend exfoliating at least twice a week in the summer, but if you have sensitive skin that gets irritated easily, exfoliating once a week may work best.”

For makeup that stays in place, the beauty pro recommended using an eyeshadow primer for crease-free lids, as well as products like facial setting spray.

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She also recommended applying powder before foundation for extra hold.

“By applying powder before foundation, you smooth your skin and absorb excess oil, providing the perfect canvas for your foundation to give it a matte finish,” she said.