Water Kingdom: Leading the way in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices on World Environment Day

~From promoting horticulture, to recycling water for filtration, to waste segregation and management, the water park offers best-in-class sustainability efforts.~

Mumbai: As an industry dependent on the natural world, there is a growing case for all members of the leisure and theme park industry to reduce negative impacts and be part of the solution. On World Environment Day 2024, Watery proudly celebrates its commitment to eco-friendly practices, showcasing the water park as a beacon of sustainable and eco-friendly efforts – from horticulture, to waste management, to water filtration plants and more.

To reaffirm their commitment to maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, this year Water Kingdom has outlined clear actions taken within the park to adhere to several environmentally friendly practices:

Sustainable landscaping: With the theme ‘Lost Kingdom in a Tropical Forest’, the water park is located amidst lush greenery and plantations across the park that provide fresh and high-quality air and oxygen. It is home to more than 65 species of special plants and trees and also provides a green habitat for all kinds of birds, reptiles, insects and other living creatures, all of which have a major positive impact on the environment.

Waste reduction programs: The park has launched extensive recycling programs and initiatives to reduce single-use plastics. Visitors are encouraged to participate in waste segregation, which promotes a culture of environmental responsibility. The organic waste from park activities is composted and reused in landscaping and horticultural activities.

Water conservation systems: The park has installed state-of-the-art water recycling and filtration systems that recycle 90,00,000 liters of water every 90 minutes. This reduces water waste by collecting and purifying water for reuse in the park, ensuring every drop is used efficiently.

Renewable energysources: The park has implemented energy efficient technologies and renewable energy sources to power its operations. This shift not only reduces the park’s dependence on fossil fuels, but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

Educational programs: Visitors can learn about the importance of sustainable practices through interactive exhibits and tours that highlight the park’s green infrastructure and renewable energy systems. There are special packages for students and colleges that aim to raise awareness and inspire visitors to adopt sustainable practices in their own lives.

The water park is also home EsselWorld Bird Park, a walk-in aviary spread over an acre, which is more than a perfect rainforest habitat 400 exotic birds by 50 different types. The EsselWorld Bird Park takes learning to new heights with interactive exhibits that allow visitors to interact with its feathered residents. From educational displays to informative sessions, the park makes birdwatching an interactive and educational adventure. This hands-on experience fosters a connection between visitors and nature, creating a sense of appreciation for wildlife. These immersive environments provide a unique, up-close experience with their winged inhabitants, making learning about nature fun and engaging.

As the world celebrates Environment Day 2024, our parks are a testament to the positive impact of sustainable infrastructure. The ongoing efforts not only provide an enjoyable experience for visitors, but also serve as a model for how recreational facilities can co-exist, creating a positive impact on both visitors and the planet. By prioritizing environmentally friendly practices, Water Kingdom is leading the way to a greener future, reminding us that every effort counts to preserve our environment for generations to come.” said Paresh Mishra, Chairman – Business Development.

Let this celebration be a call to action for both companies and individuals to embrace sustainability and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world. For more information about Water Kingdom, please log in www.waterkingdom.in. For EsselWorld Bird Park you can visit the website: www.esselworldbirdpark.in.