AL-KO introduces PROSAFE vehicle security wheel clamp – RVBusiness

KOTZ, Germany – AL-KO Vehicle Technology has announced in a press release the introduction of the AL-KO PROSAFE Wheel Clamp, which it claims is a new standard in vehicle security.

“Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about the safety of your property, because with the AL-KO PROSAFE you are covered,” the press release said. “This wheel clamp is designed for a range of vehicles and will fit wheels from 13 to 17 inches with standard steel or aluminum rims. It is designed to be extremely durable, made from a unique multi-layer blend of robust materials. The bold warning color sends a clear message to would-be thieves: there is nothing to gain here.”

“The AL-KO PROSAFE not only looks cool, it is also cool. The cylinder lock features an anti-drill design, which thwarts burglary attempts. But despite the complex construction, this wheel clamp is easy to use. During the initial installation, a special wheel bolt is installed once, with the distance being adjusted using the supplied adjusting bolt. Once configured, securing a caravan or trailer is as simple as sliding the locking bar through the wheel, fitting the wheel claw and locking with the key. It’s that simple.

“In addition, the AL-KO PROSAFE has been designed with the appearance of a vehicle in mind. The clamp is equipped with scratch and touch protection, which keeps the rims in pristine condition. And when not in use, the clamp can be stored in a practical carrying case, making it perfect for travel,” the release said.

The AL-KO PROSAFE Wheel Clamp, available from July 2024, is the ultimate security solution for caravans and trailers. Don’t let thieves ruin your vacation or steal your peace of mind – trust AL-KO to stay safe.