Sydney Sweeney skipped pants in her new Jimmy Choo campaign

Sydney Sweeney is at it again. The Everyone but you actress was seen in recently released behind-the-scenes photos from her summer ’24 campaign shoot with Jimmy Choo, not wearing pants (again). As the ultimate queen of the bottomless trend – as we’ve seen several times now – this move made complete sense.

But I’m starting to think maybe this isn’t just a phase. Just look at the Jimmy Choo campaign photos where Sweeney was photographed as a totally classic beauty in black and white. She wore a black leotard, sheer tights and a pair of white Jimmy Choo pumps. Obviously, pants were never part of the equation.

If Sweeney has anything to say about it, I think the “no pants” thing could have a lasting future.

Sydney’s case without pants

Jimmy Choo has released some photos from their shoot with the actress. In it, Sweeney elegantly modeled the brand’s white Ixia 95 patent high heels. The contrasting black and white photos really highlighted the shiny square pump. The shoes also have a rounded low heel that gives them a more modern look.

The Euphoria actress looked ageless in her leotard and pantyhose look, honestly she didn’t have a butt to pull it off. The leotard hugged her body in all the right places and was so amazing. The minimalist look was definitely the right choice for this one so as not to distract too much from the main character of her outfit: sleek Jimmy Choo shoes.

Sydney’s white shoes

In another campaign image – this time in color – the actress smiled as she sat next to a cream-colored vintage car while wearing cream-colored sneakers. For the shot, she wore a plain white T-shirt over her black leotard (which can be seen more clearly in the leggy video portion of the shot).

The actress paired her lace-up sneakers with a pair of white ankle socks as she sat cross-legged on the floor. She looked extremely cool and comfortable – and it’s no wonder, as she rocked her favorite aesthetic.

Buy Sydney’s Exact Choos

I plan to follow Sweeney’s example and invest in white patent pumps this summer. They are so versatile because they can be combined with almost anything. Buying a pair of sneakers to exchange for when you want to wear something more comfortable is just smart…you’re welcome!