World Environment Day 2024: 5 sustainable and eco-friendly ways to celebrate the special day

World Environment Day 2024: Nature is the only home we have. However, over time, humans have depleted natural resources and exploited nature. Their repeated activities have led to deforestation, climate change, global warming and biodiversity loss. It is high time that we improve our habits and protect nature. Every year, World Environment Day is celebrated with the aim of encouraging people to pledge to save the planet. World Environment Day focuses on raising awareness about the importance of sustainable approaches and ensuring we do our part to save nature.

Every year, World Environment Day is celebrated with the aim of encouraging people to pledge to save the planet. (Blast)

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5. As we prepare to celebrate the special day this year, here are a few ways we can pledge to save the planet and celebrate the day in sustainable ways.

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Eco-friendly ways to celebrate World Environment Day:

Plant a tree: Most environmental problems can be solved if we have more trees on this earth. People have cut down trees and caused deforestation. But with little effort we can turn it around. We can plant more saplings in our own backyard. If everyone starts planting more trees, we can have a greener planet.

Reuse, reduce and recycle: This 3 can save the planet and help us breathe better, live better and be better. By reusing things more than once, by recycling and using things, and by reducing the amount of waste produced in our daily lives, we can have a better environment in which to live and thrive.

Save water: Water is a crucial resource and by saving it we can save the planet from the water crisis. By taking shorter showers, making sure we never leave the tap open, repairing leaky pipes and using water-efficient appliances, we can save water.

Environmentally friendly transportation: Instead of using modes of transportation that increase air and noise pollution, we can switch to environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transportation. For shorter distances we can use bicycles. We can also use electric vehicles instead of regular vehicles.

Volunteer to clean up: People often dump waste near the sea or near neighborhoods without thinking about its health risks. We can voluntarily clean up a space and contribute to the health of the environment.

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