Government websites in Bangladesh used to promote online gambling, report reveals

Domains of at least eleven government websites are used to promote online betting. The ‘Dismislab’, an initiative of the Digital Right to verify information, has found more than 3,000 web pages related to these websites.

The pages mainly redirect customers to four gambling websites. The DIsmislab published a report in this regard entitled “Bangladesh government websites full of thousands of gambling pages”, which was published on Monday. The report highlights how the government websites are used to promote online gambling and how the customers are directed to the gambling websites.

All government websites run under a domain called ‘’. A primary Google search within the domain ‘’, using keywords such as ‘Casino’ and ‘Betting’, along with an examination of sitemaps of the websites found in the search results, revealed a staggering total of 3,295 betting pages on official websites of key government offices, educational institutions and defense entities, the Dismislab report said.