Kickoff event for the Young Leader Committee on June 28 at Walnut – Shaw Local

Bureau County Farm Bureau is in the process of relaunching its Young Leader Committee, which specifically targets members ages 18-35 with an interest in agriculture.

The committee is established as an opportunity to meet regularly with colleagues, increase understanding of the organization and its benefits, and develop opportunities for involvement at both the state and local levels for younger members of the Farm Bureau.

The Summer Ag Olympic Themed Cookout is scheduled for Friday, June 28 at 6:00 PM at the home of Gracelynn Dale and William Anderson, 15277 Route 92, Walnut. The Farm Bureau provides the meal and bottled water; bring a drink of your choice, a side dish and a garden chair.

Let the Bureau of Agriculture know if you are interested. Contact the Farm Bureau at 815-875-6468 to be added to the Young Leader list for future events, whether or not you can attend the event in late June. This outing is open to members and non-members until you know it is a good fit for you.