2025 Toyota Tundra on track for release

The Japanese brand’s full-size American pickup is expected to be confirmed for Australia later this year

Toyota Australia has confirmed the 2025 Toyota Tundra could get the green light for introduction Down Under later this year, following an extensive local right-hand drive conversion, development and evaluation process carried out by Walkinshaw Automotive.

According to Sean Hanley, the Japanese automaker’s Australian sales, marketing and franchise manager, there should be some news on the local release of the full-size, US-built pickup “by the end of the year.”

“We didn’t do all this (Walkinshaw’s extensive engineering programme) not to launch it, but we still have a way to go and the trial is a trial, it’s a legitimate trial,” he said.

“It’s not a PR stunt. This is a legitimate process. We’re correcting, discovering… we want this Tundra to be as close to OE spec for the customers as we can get it on a local conversion basis.

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Hanley added that the local Tundra engineering program – now in its final stages – had been largely a success 189 ‘customers’ are currently testing right-hand drive Tundras on public roads across the country to provide feedback to Toyota and Walkinshaw.

So far, a few minor quality and generic warranty issues have arisen, along with a few niggles related to the conversion itself, but Handley said the prospect of a local showroom launch is looking increasingly positive.

“There haven’t been any major failures, so that’s good,” Hanley said.

“It’s incredibly encouraging for us and it’s looking more and more like we’ll get approval to launch this car in the near future, so stay tuned for that.”

The tundra of the current generation launched in North America in September 2021 and has been on Toyota Australia’s radar for even longer, with market demand and pressure from the local division on the parent company ultimately leading to the RHD program in August 2022.

Walkinshaw immediately got to work and soon had properly hooked development vehicles in most corners of Australia before more polished versions were distributed to the public. real world testing and feedback late last year.

Although it has yet to be officially confirmed for our market, there are unofficial prices for the Tundra leaked in Februaryshowing a potential starting figure of $145,990 plus on-road costs for the highly specified models Tundra Limited 4×4 double cab.

Toyota Australia’s single Tundra variant will be powered by a twin-turbo 3.5-litre V6 petrol-electric hybrid system that delivers a Leading in its segment with 326 kW/790 Nm.

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