KSS buys second helicopter | AirMed&Rescue

The English Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) has purchased its second helicopter directly.

KSS described the purchase of the aircraft as a “huge milestone for charity” that will “secure the future of air ambulance.” The company estimates the purchase will save around half a million pounds a year in leasing costs.

This follows the success of KSS’s Buy it for Life fundraising campaign, which launched in April and raised its target £1 million in its first six weeks.

The appeal, which runs until June 28, has now surpassed £1.77 million, with KSS saying every “additional penny raised” will go towards supporting the helicopter’s operation.

“Taking ownership of our second helicopter … means we have now secured the future of this lifeline for our communities to ensure we can get our lifesaving crews to where they are urgently needed 24/7, 365 days a year ,” said David Welch, Managing Director at KSS.

“The cost savings will also enable us to improve and develop our lifesaving service, including the ability to fly longer and in more difficult weather conditions, and to expand our patient and family aftercare service and provide more community-based prevention and introduce information activities. ,” he added.