The ready-made summary: why the assignment is a gift for many entrepreneurs

Try to put yourself in the shoes of a healthcare provider working in a government hospital. Long hours of tiring work full of duties, a wage that is actually lower than that of many of their European colleagues, a welfare service so necessary that you just really feel like crying every time someone, like Meloni’s federal government, destroys and dismantles it. However, currently this doctor is learning Schillaci’s legislation within the ready-made lists, and he believes that not a single euro of his dedication to the group is commendable, but that when he does personal work (in his hospital or in a nursing home ) place of residence) he can benefit. More.

There is a shortage of regular practitioners. There might possibly be an answer

August 17, 2023

The very first thing many will assume will be: I will earn more money nicely, and more stamina for an excellent and supportive public service. Maybe you really feel sorry for the Italians who can’t pay and then can’t get therapy anyway.

A small gift for non-public people, a boost for the indigenous welfare authorities

Yes, thanks to one factor, this election resolution is well understood: a small gift for many who care about public service. The only actually necessary level of legislation is the increase in the share that the region pays to non-public people, a share that has already increased to 2% of the National Health Fund in 2024 and could improve further in the following two years. year. year to 4%. In another insult, hospitals will not be able to match the paid visits there, the minister said, which will not be able to outpace these free visits. Instead, the money is primarily intended for in-person services at emergency rooms.

What happens when the public welfare “leases” doctors to non-public companies?

September 29, 2023

Take into account the system of final authorities: this small amount of cash that exists goes to strengthening personal hospitals that develop cent by cent (our money) until they become an actual competitor of the large public hospitals, which are increasingly lower could be. and sink to the bottom. let the water drain.

That is why public hospitals are empty-handed, but doctors who decide to do the same hours of personal guidance in their hospital get extra: 20% extra accuracy per full hour with a flat tax of 15%.

Removal of vulnerable gadgets

April 8, 2024

Non-existent PC community

The Schillaci legislation then consumes a few additional smoke and mirrors, of the nice process given to Agenas to coordinate the whole thing thanks to the digital platform with which it will be equipped and able to talk to everyone. they are services that offer it. to work. But has anyone ever informed the Minister that native welfare authorities, hospitals and laboratories do not talk to each other in any way because they use completely different methods, and that we have been trying to get them online for years now? in vain? Maybe certainly, maybe someone knew him, but separately, as Schillaci clarified during the session that in a few months, when the elections are over, he will write tips so that everyone can discuss the information with everyone. Thanks again, and the way it may or may not be out of place? It is synthetic intelligence where an ineffective subject is given.