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College of the Redwoods has announced that it has joined the Community College Equity Assessment Lab’s National Consortium on College Men of Color. This consortium aims to improve educational outcomes for men of color through targeted support and innovative strategies.

As a member of the National Consortium on College Men of Color, the college will have access to a range of valuable resources designed to promote student success. These include an open-access webinar series on a variety of topics to inform and build the capacity of institutional planning efforts for underrepresented men of color. The webinars address critical issues and provide practical solutions for advancing equity in community colleges.

In addition, College of the Redwoods will participate in information sharing sessions, providing a platform for practitioners in the field to discuss promising practices for improving student success outcomes for men of color. These sessions provide a private setting for college leaders and researchers from the Community College Equity Assessment Lab to share insights and strategies for supporting men of color in community colleges.

A press release from CR states: “A key benefit of this membership is the opportunity to attend working group meetings that bring together faculty, administrators and researchers to collaborate and develop actionable plans to better support men of color in higher education.

Kintay Johnson, Director of Student Equity & the Multicultural Center for CR, said: “This strategic move (to join NCCMC) aligns with our 2022-2032 Education Master Plan by reflecting our awareness of equity gaps and our commitment to eliminating them through continuous, cross-campus learning, open dialogue and data-driven efforts. Our partnership with NCCMC will significantly contribute to improving the success of our historically underrepresented and underserved students, including men of color.”

To learn more about the National Consortium on College Men of Color and the resources available to member institutions, visit

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