World Environment Day: ACS Forests attends multiple events and commends J&K people for supporting environmental conservation initiatives

JK news today

SRINAGAR, JUNE 5: Dheeraj Gupta, Additional Chief Secretary (ACS), Forests, Ecology and Environment, today chaired the celebration of World Environment Day held here at Tagore Hall, Srinagar.
The event, jointly organized by the Department of Ecology, Environment and Remote Sensing and Amar Singh College Srinagar, aimed to raise awareness on the importance of environmental protection under the theme ‘Land Restoration, Desertification and Drought Resilience’, which addresses the increasing impact of climate change emphasizes. water stress and land degradation around the world.

Dheeraj Gupta appreciated the Forest Department and its affiliate wings for organizing the event in coordination with other departments and educational institutions. He complimented the Forest Department for achieving higher targets under various government mandated outcomes, besides plantation of 180 lakh saplings by 2023-2024 under Green JK Drive involving Panchayati Raj institutions and other stakeholders. He welcomed the role of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in supporting the Forest Department in the greening campaigns and other initiatives.
The Financial Commissioner inspected several paintings and participated in the ceremonial plantation program at the Amar Sigh College Campus along with other senior officers.
Roshan Jaggi, Chief Conservator of Forests (HoFF), in his address, highlighted the challenges we face in managing and conserving natural resources. He reiterated that World Environment Day gives us an opportunity to think seriously about the environment we live in, in addition to thinking about what we will leave behind for our future generations. He emphasized on sustainable use of water resources and creation of water harvesting structures, especially in areas that experience water scarcity during the summer season. He called on all stakeholders to take steps and cooperate in efforts to protect and conserve our lakes, wetlands and streams.
He said that plantation drives, green marches, cycle rallies, plastic beauty drives, interaction with tourists, cleaning of water bodies, sanitation, debates and painting competitions were organized on the day to spread awareness about the need and importance of protecting our environment. .
Professor Sheikh Ajaz Bashir, Principal of Amar Singh College, emphasized the need for continued actions in the form of various campaigns and initiatives in the field of preserving our environment. He said efforts are needed to improve the water quality of our wetlands, streams and other landforms. He also emphasized on finding solutions for the protection and revival of all ecosystems across Jammu and Kashmir.
On the occasion, in addition to the screening of a film on World Environment Day, publications including Van Ponsh, the Draft Report of Revised SAPCC and a flyer prepared by Amar Singh College were also released. In addition, prizes were also awarded to the winners of activities conducted by DEERS-EIACP in various educational institutions under the EIACP project.
S. Rakesh Kumar, Director, Department of Ecology, Environment and Remote Sensing, T.Rabi Kumar, Additional Chief Conservator of Forests, HoDs and other senior officials besides representatives of NGOs, students of the College and staff were also present on the occasion.