While on vacation, a man wins a $110,000 lottery prize

A Michigan man’s dedication to not missing a lottery drawing even while on vacation earned him a $110,000 jackpot.

Douglas Woodside, 59, of Beaverton, told Michigan Lottery officials he didn’t want to miss any Fantasy 5 drawings while on vacation, so he bought a multi-draw ticket from the Fraternal Order of Eagles 3655 on Estey Road in Beaverton.

His ticket matched the Fantasy 5 numbers in the May 3 drawing – 04-29-18-23-27-29 – giving him the $110,000 jackpot.

“My wife and I were going on vacation, so I bought a Fantasy 5 multi-draw ticket to cover the days we would be away,” Woodside said. “About a week later, after we got home from our trip, I remembered to check the ticket.”

He said discovering the victory was a shock.

“I watched it three times, and then I had my wife look at it to make sure I wasn’t seeing anything. Once she confirmed what I was seeing, I immediately started shaking. I couldn’t believe it! Winning something like that is a relief,” he said.

Woodside said his winnings will go toward some home improvement projects and growing his savings.