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CSR: World Environment Day celebrated with extensive tree plantation drives across Delhi NCR

CSR: World Environment Day celebrated with extensive tree plantation drives across Delhi NCR – The CSR Journal

Cornitos on World Environment Day

Cornitos, India’s leading nachos brand, proudly marked World Environment Day by partnering with multiple NGOs for a series of tree plantations, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. The rides took place on June 5, 2024 at various locations in Delhi NCR, involving numerous volunteers and local communities.
In collaboration with Say Trees, Cornitos organized a plantation drive at Government Sarvodaya School, Matiala Village. In Faridabad they worked with Save Aravali for a new tree plantation in the Faridabad forest. Moreover, Cornitos collaborated with Thinkgood Foundation under the Mission 100 Crore Trees campaign for a plantation drive in Noida. Tree plantation activities are also carried out at the Roorkee Greendot Health Foods Factory Premises.
A series of plantation drives were organized at multiple locations, resulting in the successful planting of approximately 300 saplings. These efforts were aimed at improving green cover and promoting environmental sustainability. The initiative garnered enthusiastic participation from more than 60 Cornitos employees and members of the local community. The volunteers worked together and demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental conservation and community involvement. The success of these efforts underscores the power of collaborative community action in addressing environmental challenges.
Mr. Vikram Agarwal, Managing Director of Cornitos, said: “At Cornitos, we believe that companies can play an important role in tackling environmental challenges. Partnering with various NGOs for these tree plantation drives on World Environment Day is a step towards creating a greener and more sustainable future. We strive to implement environmentally friendly practices and support initiatives that benefit our planet.”
As part of its long-term sustainability goals, Cornitos has made significant progress by installing a solar power plant at its production facility in Roorkee, reducing its carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy. In addition, the company uses a water recycling system to treat and reuse water in the production process, thus conserving this valuable resource. Cornitos adheres to the Extended Producer Responsibility guidelines of the Central Pollution Control Board of India and is committed to sustainable practices and resource conservation.
Cornitos and its partner NGOs would like to express their gratitude to all the volunteers and participants who made these events a success. Together they planted the seeds for a greener future and demonstrated the power of collective action in protecting our planet.
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