Debbie Gibson talks about Taylor Swift, how the music world has changed for women

Debbie Gibson says the music industry is much more open to Taylor Swift

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Debbie Gibson is happy that the music industry has become more welcoming to women since she got her big break in the ’80s.

“My late, wonderful mother literally pounded her fists on the conference room table at Atlantic Records to convey that a young girl could write and produce her own music. Now look Billie Eilish And Taylor Swift and everyone who comes after,” Gibson, 53, shared exclusively We weekly during Lupus LA’s first Cuisine for a Cause event in Vibiana on Sunday, May 19. “No one was warm and welcoming to female songwriters (when I started), let alone producers at that time. So I mean, for me, the landscape has just opened wide.

Gibson praised the 34-year-old Swift as an “extraordinary” talent.

“(The Department of Martyred Poets song) ‘I Can Do It With a Broken Heart’ is my new anthem,” Gibson said. “I think a lot of us live that, and showbiz women do that too. It’s like we get up on stage and sing and dance, and then later we sit in a corner and cry about our personal lives. She has done so much to advance the style and empower women.”

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The “Lost in Your Eyes” singer previously called Eilish, 22, “a wise old soul” during a November 2021 interview with The guard and said Eilish seemed to be able to handle “all the pressure” to appear “beautifully” in the public eye.

As she reflected on how the industry has changed for women, Gibson imagined what it would be like if she were starting her career today.

“I could just imagine that the stress and exhaustion my mother and I exerted to get past the gatekeepers and to the starting gate could have been eliminated,” she said. “There is now freedom for young artists, for female artists and I think also for female creative visionaries.”

Debbie Gibson says the music industry is much more open to Taylor SwiftDebbie Gibson says the music industry is much more open to Taylor Swift

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Gibson has released her debut album, Out of nowheremost of which she wrote and produced, in 1987. She went on to release ten more studio albums and is the only songwriter on all of her singles to reach the top 20 of the charts. Billboard Hot 100 including ‘Foolish Beat’ and ‘Electric Youth’.

After more than 35 years in the music business, Gibson is now working on a memoir.

“I really call it a motivational memoir,” she said Us. “It’s not like a salacious tell-all. It’s always meant to be, “This is what happened in my life.” … There’s a lot about my late wonderful mother, who was the original mother and bad music director. This way you can twist and turn and emerge victorious again. That’s really what it’s about.”

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One of the twists in Gibson’s life was her battle with Lyme disease, which made her eager to support Lupus LA’s May 19 event honoring the James Beard Award winner and Emmy-winning host of The jackdawrestaurateur Michael Symon.

“I have been dealing with Lyme disease for over ten years. I feel like Lupus and Lyme, there is so much in common,” Gibson said. “I remember being at the beginning of my journey and many autoimmune diseases were not on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So just an evening dedicated to consciousness (is important). … I feel like people are seeing this on social media. They see it in the news and say, “Oh, someone’s thinking about it when we come home in pain and we’re feeling despondent.”

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