STARVE ACRE Trailer Sees Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark Confront the Ancient Evil

At first glance, living in a rustic house, located on green acres, miles away from society, seems like an atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about annoying neighbors and you can enjoy beautiful scenery. Life is good… unless you’re in a horror movie. Then something sinister awaits to disturb your peace and tear your family apart, especially if you have a child. That’s what we get Starve Acrea folk horror film starring Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark, with a disturbing yet intriguing trailer.

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The clip shows how a couple begins to splinter after their son Owen begins to experience something strange. Richard believes everything is fine, but his husband isn’t so sure. And we completely agree with her, based on all the wild images we see in the film Starve Acre trailer, including the recurring appearance of a not-so-friendly rabbit. In fact, this hairy superstar is the face of Starve Acre‘s excellent poster. We love a legend!

The official poster for the Starve Acre movie features a rabbit with antlers coming out of it
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We’d also like to see two of our favorite stars, The rings of power‘s Morfydd Clark and House of the Dragon‘s Matt Smith, in one film. Both series will share their second season around when Starve Acre releases. It will be fun to see these talented actors take on such different roles. Starve AcreThe film’s trailer certainly gives us a taste of the excellent performances that await us.

Besides knowing Starve Acre‘s stars, you might also think that the name of this film sounds familiar. That is because Starve Acre is based on the book by Andrew Michael Hurley. Here’s a summary to make it even clearer:

When their son begins acting strangely, a pair of unwittingly allow dark and sinister forces into their home, awakening a long-dormant ancient evil deeply rooted in the countryside.

What is the release date for Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark’s Starve Acre?

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Who can resist a movie with a creepy child and an evil entity? We certainly can’t. This film was written and directed by Daniel Kokotajlo, with Tessa Ross, Juliette Howell, Derrin Schlesinger and Emma Duffy as producers. Starve Acre will be released in theaters and on demand on July 26.