GTA Online Summer Update Announced, Including New Missions, Creator Updates and More

For those playing Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online), Rockstar Games has announced the GTA Online Summer Update, which will include a new mission, Creator updates, and much more.

GTA Online Summer Update Information:

New missions:

Players are tasked with bringing some of the most notorious criminals in Los Santos to justice – dead or alive! According to Rockstar, a “series of new missions” for Maude’s bail bonds and bounty hunting business in Grapeseed will be coming in GTA Online’s next major update. In addition, “Vincent needs help enforcing his authority without official oversight – get behind the wheel of your souped-up Cruiser and perform a series of off-the-book enforcement activities throughout Los Santos.”

Creator Upgrades:

Rockstar will build on the suite of tools already available, adding new features with the update, including the expansion of custom Drift Race tracks and Drag Race tracks, and new units on all tracks.

Testing races will also become easier, as creators can now start tests from any chosen checkpoint, as well as the option to race multiple rounds in Drag Races before a winner is declared. Players can also expect a range of new improvements designed to help the community create and share their amazing races and more.

Experience updates:

According to Rockstar, the update will include a “number of experience improvements” based on community requests and feedback via the GTA Online feedback website.

Some of the improvements include: an increased Sell Mission timer to make it easier for solo players to take on Biker and Gunrunning sales, snacks that automatically refill when starting most missions, improving defense and armor options for the Sparrow and Bombushka, and more.

Rockstar will also increase base payouts for players participating in Open Wheel Races, Taxi Work and many Contract Missions.

GTA+ member benefits:

Those on PS5 and Xbox Series all players.

No release date has been announced for this update yet and we also expect it to include a large number of bug fixes.

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