Tiger Woods ‘looks so saucey’ in Las Vegas interview: fans


Fans were concerned after Tiger Woods’ Las Vegas interview with Phil Hellmuth.

Tiger Woods looks like he needs a nap.

While in Las Vegas for his TGR Foundation’s charity poker night with poker legend Phil Hellmuth, fans reacted to a video Hellmuth posted Friday of a sleepy-looking Woods and video game streamer Ninja.

Woods’ face appeared swollen and he appeared to struggle with a lengthy statement, leading some to believe Vegas might be able to get the best out of the 15-time major winner.

“I’m so proud of Tiger at the TGR Foundation, we’re doing Tiger’s poker night,” Hellmuth said in the video he posted to X. “We’re going to raise a million, maybe $2 million dollars. It’s a really fun event.”

Tiger Woods interviews Phil Hellmuth to promote the “Tiger Jam” charity poker event. Phil Hellmuth/X

After telling Woods how proud he was of him, Hellmuth asked Wood about his favorite moment related to his charity.

“It’s the stories that the kids come back and tell,” Woods said. “The first generation to ever study. Parents said you would never go to college, grandparents say you would never go to college, it’s useless. Suddenly they’re thriving in college, going to Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and Yale, going to great places and doing great things. One of our girls… she’s one of the directors who landed one of the rovers on Mars.”

The clip also featured Ninja and Woods joking about Ninja’s golf problems, with Woods saying it was “boring” to watch him play, and Hellmuth saying how they all “talk to Woods”.

Tiger Forest in Las Vegas. Phil Hellmuth/X
Tiger Woods’ attitude in the video concerned some fans. Phil Hellmuth/X

Fans seemed concerned about Woods’ mannerisms during the approximately 90-second clip.

“Damn, I hope Tiger is doing well…” another X user commented.

“Tiger looks so saucey!!” another user replied.

“Tiger just lit up,” another speculated.

The all-time great golfer pleaded guilty in a DUI case in 2017, allegedly having five different drugs — Vicodin, Dilaudid, Xanax, Ambien and THC, the active ingredient in marijuana — in his system.

Phil Hellmuth interviewed Tiger Woods. Phil Hellmuth/X
Tiger Woods after the second round of the PGA Championship on May 17, 2024. Getty Images

Woods accepted a special exemption to play in the US Open at Pinehurst, expiring his five-year exemption for winning the 2019 Masters.

Woods was in North Carolina this week playing the course as the tournament kicked off June 13.

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