Giovanna Fletcher on the power of saying ‘no’

‘No’ is a complete sentence. Don’t believe us? Just ask Giovanna Fletcher.

The 39-year-old has every reason to take setting healthy boundaries seriously. She is mother to three lively boys: Buzz, 10, Buddy, seven, and five-year-old Max, whom she shares with her husband, McFly singer and fellow children’s author Tom. She is the frontwoman of an award-winning podcast Happy mother, happy babyand when Women’s health Catch up with her, she’s just returned from an arduous trek in aid of CoppaFeel, the breast cancer charity that former WH cover star Amy Dowden credits with saving her life.

With so much happening in her life – including a new edit with high street shoe store Deichmann, it’s somewhat ironic that we’re talking about the power of saying ‘no’, but Gio is a big believer in simply enjoying the moment, something that a Many of us struggle or simply forget to do it, especially when we feel overwhelmed by work or our personal responsibilities.

“I think you can spread yourself too thin. And when you do that, you’re not paying attention to the projects you love or the things you’re passionate about,” she says. ‘We often get stuck with the feeling that we have to say yes and seize every opportunity. So basically the word “no” has become my favorite word, even though I hate saying no to people, it has become a word that I know is important. If we all keep striving for something and don’t stop and (enjoy) being where we are, then what is it all for?’

It’s sage advice from perhaps one of the busiest women in showbiz – in addition to all her usual business ventures, Giovanna took to the West End stage last year to star in the musical Everyone is talking about Jamieher second time treading the boards since guest starring 2:22 A ghost story in 2021.

Charity walk

But Gio’s life isn’t all glitz and glamour, and you’re just as likely to spot her donning a pair of walking boots while wearing high heels for a red carpet event. She leads the annual CoppaTrek, which has taken celebrities and CoppaFeel supporters – collectively known as #TeamBoobs – off the beaten track to the Sahara, the Pembrokeshire coast, the Scottish Highlands, the Indian Himalayas and Iceland.

Reflecting on the charity’s founder, her close personal friend Kris Hallenga, who sadly passed away last month at the age of 38, years after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the age of 23, Giovanna says it has been an ’emotional trek ‘ used to be.

“She was a wonderful friend, and it’s very sad, but we talked about death a lot, so it was never a conversation we shied away from,” she says. “But when it actually happens, it still feels like a shock and it still feels like a huge loss.

“Ultimately, the journey is about trying to celebrate who she was and the legacy she left behind – while making sure we continue to do her work.”

It was during one of the CoppaTreks that Strictly Come Dancing professional Amy Dowden, who Gio describes as ‘inspirational’, learned about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Giovanna describes how Amy, 33, joined them two years ago: ‘She walked with women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer and literally months later she found her lump. If she hadn’t gone on the hike and been aware of the different signs and symptoms so you can get it so young, who knows what the outcome would be?

“She’s always been incredible. I don’t think it takes a cancer diagnosis to make someone inspiring; she always has been. She’s a creep and also one of the most positive people I know.”

To decorate

a woman poses in a pink room


In December 2020, when she appeared on (and won) I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, we became very familiar with Gio’s naked beauty – there really is a limit to how glamorous you can be when you are in a damp castle in Wales during a global pandemic. But she’s a glam kitty at heart, and she loves getting dressed up for date nights with her man, making her the perfect person to curate a shoe collection with retailer Deichmann, an affordable collection that consists of some very flattering heels and wedges. as shoes that are perfect for school runs and going to the park with the kids.

‘It’s been a really collaborative process, putting the edits together and looking at the predicted trends – and then how that fits into my style. We wanted the collection to reflect what I love and celebrate what I do,” she explains.

Giovanna adds that her favorites from the range are the pink sneakers and chunky raffia heels: “The platform heels and wedges have really chunky heels, which is great because I’m someone who can’t be trusted with things like Dat.”

Podcast power

Outside of fashion, she is now in her sixth year of hosting her very popular podcast Happy baby, happy mother in which she interviewed big names from Jennifer Garner to Davina McCall about what they’ve learned as parents. Kate Middleton was her most notable guest, speaking openly to her in early 2020 about her experiences with pregnancy, morning sickness and even hypnobirthing.

But Giovanna says they were both just as nervous as each other: “I was so nervous going into that and she was nervous because she’d never done anything like that before. I knew what a big deal it was and I wanted to be respectful of her and her experience, which I do with every guest.

‘But I was aware of the massiveness of the interview and that she would share her personal experiences, which would be listened to around the world. It takes a lot of courage and I’m so glad she felt safe on the podcast.”

Gio and Tom’s boys undeniably come from solid showbiz stock – their maternal uncle is Mario Falcone of Towie fame – does she predict a bright future for them too?

“I’m happy that they can do what they want to do, whatever their passion is,” she says. ‘Tom and I have been able to do what we do in a very natural way. It wasn’t something forced on us by our parents. And I think you have to have a passion for it because it’s often so self-driven and you can’t leverage that with someone else.

‘But our eldest, who is ten, regularly has a guitar around his neck and is singing and creating and stuff. So who knows, but actually I think we’re both just really happy with whatever makes them happy.”

a woman in a blue dress pushing a cart with a white bag


Career satisfaction is also important today. Gio is hopeful that she will continue to get opportunities to develop as an actor and is writing a new book. “I’ve had to take a little bit of a break because we’ve moved and trying to find those hours and every day to sit and be with your character has been very difficult,” she says. ‘But this year I would like to work on that again, because that is such a huge passion.’

And of course she ensures that her podcast goes from strength to strength.

The Giovanna Fletcher X DEICHMANN adaptation is now available.

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