Kate would ‘love’ to organize events to mark the 80th anniversary of D-Day, says William

Prince William has said Kate would have “loved” to attend the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

He made the comments to a veteran in Portsmouth, who asked him how she was doing.

William replied “she would have loved to be here today” and in a snippet of the exchange, published on X, also appeared to say she was doing better.

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Kate revealed in March that she was being treated for an unspecified form of cancer, calling the diagnosis a “huge shock”.

The king is also undergoing cancer treatment and has recently returned to some public duties – including this week’s events to mark its 80th anniversary D-day.

The family is keeping details of his and Kate’s treatment private, and the Princess of Wales is not currently attending any events.

It is unknown when she might return to public duties. But during a trip to the Isles of Scilly last month, William said she was “doing well”.

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The Prince of Wales spoke to veterans and gave a lecture at Wednesday’s D-Day event in Portsmouth.

The King also addressed the crowd and paid tribute to the “courage, resilience and solidarity” of those involved in the historic invasion of Normandy – a pivotal moment in defeating the Nazis.

At some point the Queen was depicted in tears as Royal Navy veteran Eric Bateman recalled the horrors of the day.

Princess Anne was in Normandy for the commemorations and unveiled a statue of a Canadian gunman who stormed the beaches.

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