Brie Bella is skeptical about Bryan Danielson’s retirement plans

Bryan Danielson is undeniably among the best professional wrestlers in the world, and his time in AEW has cemented his reputation as one of the best. Since joining the club in 2021, he has showcased his skills, proving his worth in the promotion. Despite the intensity of his career, Brie Bella doesn’t believe he will actually retire from professional wrestling.

Bryan Danielson has previously said that 2024 will be his last year as a full-time wrestler, and with his AEW contract looming this year, his future is uncertain.

During a conversation on The Nikki & Brie Show, Bryan Danielson’s eventual retirement became a topic. Brie, his wife, expressed her skepticism about his retirement plans.

Brie Danielson: “When the time comes, when you retire, I won’t hold my breath, I’ll never hold my breath with you.”

Bryan Danielson: “Why?”

Brie: “Because you’ve said it so many times.”

Bryan: “I haven’t said it that many times.”

Brie: “Kind of.”

Bryan: “What do you mean?”

Brie: “I’ve often thought you might retire. (Laughs)”

Bryan: “When? When I was forced to retire, that was the only time. Then there was between WWE and AEW, when I actually wanted to be done, and then you got mad at me for even suggesting the idea. (Laughs) )”

Brie: “Well, the only reason I thought: opportunities like this never come around.”

Brie then said he had a feeling Bryan was once again considering retirement. He disagreed, but admitted that this time it would be different. Bryan explained that unlike his first forced retirement, this would be on his own terms

“No, but yeah, this one will be, this is fun, versus the first forced retirement, because this will be kind of the timing of my own.”

Bryan Danielson has also revealed where he wants to play his final match. We’ll have to wait and see when The American Dragon will actually hang up his professional wrestling boots for good.

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