‘Pornographic’ book removed from Pinellas school shelves: District

PINELLAS COUNTY, FL – Chuck Palahniuk’s novel “Invisible Monsters” will be removed from all Pinellas County schools after a committee review.

An instructional materials review board ruled the book was “pornographic” and voted unanimously 7-0 Tuesday to remove it from all schools, Isabel Mascareñas, public information officer for Pinellas County Schools, told Patch.

Published in 1999, ‘Invisible Monsters’ is about a former model who becomes disfigured after being shot in the face.

An Instructional and Media Materials Objection form was submitted to the district about the book, prompting the review and meeting.

The committee members included:

  • Jennifer Dull, chair of the non-voting committee and chief of strategy and impact at the district office
  • Rita Vazquez, executive director of high school education in the district office
  • Britt Moseley, 9th through 12th grade English language arts specialist in the district office
  • Rodney Benton, high school English teacher in St. Petersburg
  • Marquita Yates, English teacher at Gibbs High School
  • Scott Decatur, parent at East Lake High School
  • Courtney Howard, parent at East Lake High School
  • Dani Rossi, parent at East Lake High School

The committee’s findings will be made public by the end of the week and posted on the district’s Library Media Technology webpage. Patch requested a copy of the audio recording of the meeting. This story will be updated when these materials become available.