New memoir inspires women to find joy and wholeness through faith

New memoir inspires women to find joy and wholeness through faith


“In the Morning… Joy: A Personal Journey to Wholeness” by Mary Kathryn Clark is a unique memoir that combines elements of self-help and spiritual enlightenment through a dialogue between the author and a fictional client. The book serves as an enduring resource for those seeking inspiration and is a testament to overcoming life’s challenges through faith.
“In the Morning… Joy: A Personal Journey to Wholeness,” Mary Kathryn Clark’s latest book, published by Gotham Books, offers a compelling story that blends the realms of self-help and spiritual enlightenment. Drawing from her rich background in education and counseling, Clark introduces a unique format, portraying a dual narrative between herself and a fictional client, Makai, that serves as a powerful vehicle for exploring life challenges and triumphs.

In her gripping memoir, Clark plays both the seasoned counselor and a reflection of herself, guiding Makai through a spectrum of personal crises—from perfectionism and workaholism to divorce and self-neglect. This innovative way of telling not only fascinates, but also offers readers a mirror to reflect on their own life experiences.

As AC Gray, PhD, of Bridgewater, VA, notes in his Amazon review, Clark’s narrative approach is “a new approach to writing one’s autobiography.” He praises the book for its deep authenticity and its potential to leave a lasting legacy: “Her investment of time and resources to tell and publish her transition to wholeness will be a legacy of her will to find new life and a blessing to all who have a chance. to read the book.”

Clark’s journey through hardship to discover peace in God’s grace is a testament to her resilience and faith. Her story is especially resonant given her upbringing during the challenging times of the Great Depression and World War II, which shaped her into a determined woman.

This uniquely crafted memoir is not just a story of past pain, but a celebration of the liberation that comes with spiritual and personal growth. Clark shows readers that it is never too late to seek wholeness and that God’s love is a transforming power that heals.

“In the Morning… Joy” is now available on Kindle ( and in paperback on Amazon ( and Barnes & Noble ( Readers seeking inspiration, peace, and a path to personal wholeness will find a guiding light in Clark’s latest work.

About the book

In the quiet morning hours, a woman sits opposite her companion, ready to embark on a journey that will traverse the deepest valleys of her soul. Through a unique dialogue between healer and seeker, the author confronts her past, marked by pain, loss and relentless pursuit, revealing the transformative power of faith and inner strength. As each layer of her life peels away, she finds not only serenity and peace, but a renewed spirit, empowered by divine grace, ready to step into a future full of hope and light. This powerful story promises every reader a path to healing and the courage to reclaim joy.

About the author

Mary Kathryn Clark brings to her writings more than five decades of invaluable experience in the field of education and counseling. Based in Winchester, Virginia, she has been a licensed professional counselor since 1986 and has a rich history of teaching and mentoring students from kindergarten through college. In addition to her professional endeavors, she has lived a life of service as a pastor’s wife for thirty-two years, deeply involved in her community and church. Mary Kathryn’s writings are steeped in the wisdom she has gained through her personal and professional challenges, and her books are intended to guide others to find fulfillment and peace through spirituality and self-awareness.
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