From resilience to revolution: my journey with Greenpeace in the Sargasso Sea

As a British Overseas Territory, Bermuda’s relationship with international agencies and foreign nations often complicates our local governance and environmental management, sometimes overshadowing the voices of our local communities.

It is clear that our relationship with the Commonwealth needs to be strengthened, especially when it comes to tackling environmental challenges together.

The paradox of being a Commonwealth country with limited control over our own waters underlines the struggle small island states face in balancing global governance with local sovereignty.

Although Bermuda is a tiny dot on the vast blue map and often overlooked or underestimated, it has the unique distinction of being the only landmass within the boundaries of the Sargasso Sea.

Despite our size, we are powerful and should lead the design of what the Sargasso Marine Reserve looks like, to ensure it is properly preserved and our cultural heritage is preserved.

We must assert our rightful place at the helm when discussing the protection of our surrounding waters, given our proximity to and dependence on this marine ecosystem.