Soft Launch Unveils Exciting Single ‘Piano Hands’

After the success of their debut single ‘Cartwheels’, five-piece boy band Soft Launch returns with their second single, ‘Piano Hands’.

This playful song changes tempo and structure as effortlessly as a Paul McCartney anthem, combining genres from the alternative baroque pop of Vampire Weekend or Fleet Foxes to the millennial psychedelia of LA Priest or Tame Impala. Soft Launch members write, produce and deftly exchange instruments during the recording process and live shows. Lead vocals come in waves from Josh McClorey, Henry Pearce, Conor Price and Ben Quinn, as Limmer stabilizes the Beach Boys-esque ship. “Piano Hands” showcases their versatility and energy, utilizing each member’s strengths. As the band puts it: “Piano Hands is an arm around the shoulder for people who are deep in thought and deeply in debt.” The music video for “Piano Hands” premieres on YouTube this Friday.

The quintet continues to attract large, enthusiastic audiences with their energetic live performances. Known for their dynamic stage presence and strong connection with fans, the band consistently delivers memorable shows. Their next headlining gig is scheduled for June 14 in Oslo, Hackney, which is already sold out. Following this, the band will take part in several summer festivals, including All Points East, where they will perform alongside renowned artists such as Gossip, Teenage Fanclub and The Postal Service.

The story of Soft Launch is a serendipitous rise rarely seen in today’s fast-paced, content-driven music industry. It’s a classic case of being in the right place at the right time: five incredible musicians, true artists, who never intended to be a band, yet fit together harmoniously in a way that shouldn’t be overlooked .

Photo credit: Laura Marina Jennings


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