Beauty queen who confessed to marrying Trump and kissing her now admits he went further than that

The new book Student in Wonderland by Ramin Setoodeh will be released later this month, but shocking excerpts have already been released.

One of the details from former “Apprentice” winner Randall Pinkett is that married Donald Trump wouldn’t stop talking about how much he wanted to have sex with another contestant, Jennifer Murphy, The Nation reported.

Season 4 began on September 22, 2005, eight months from the day Trump married his third wife, Melania, and six months before she gave birth to their son.

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Trump filmed the infamous ‘Access Hollywood’ interview prior to the start of the season. Trump appeared as a guest star on an episode of “Days of Our Lives” at the time.

Murphy was a 26-year-old beauty queen at the time of the shooting, and she spoke about Trump’s affection for her.

The new book reveals that Trump did more than give her the “kiss” she previously talked about.

When she first met Trump, she felt like he treated her like a protégé.

“I think he looked at me the way he looks at his daughter,” Murphy told the book’s author. “But I also thought he favored me a little bit.”

While she previously talked about the “little kiss,” she now says Trump also “invited her to his room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.” She declined the invitation because he was married to his current wife, Melania,” The Nation wrote.

“I have a conscience,” Murphy explained to Setoodeh, implying the invitation was for sex. “I have integrity. I made up a reason why I was busy.”

However, Murphy’s kiss with Trump took place while he was married.

A week after the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape was released, Murphy said on CNN that Trump kissed her without asking and that she loved it.

Erin Burnett asked if the kiss took place in Trump Tower, and Murphy attacked the media, saying it bothers her that she confessed: “I once said, yeah, he kissed me on the lips, but that’s all she remembers want to concentrate on. a little kiss. It was after he fired me from The Apprentice.”

She revealed in the interview that despite her string of losses on the show, Trump still wanted to hire her into his office.

“He called me the next day and said, ‘I still want to give you the opportunity to work with me. I was very impressed with you,’” she said. “So after several meetings and getting to know him better At one point he walked me to the elevator and he reached in and gave me a little kiss. And I was a little surprised, but I wasn’t offended. And I could have turned away…”

She then attacked the media, saying she gave long interviews singing Trump’s praises, but after the Access Hollywood tape, reporters only wanted to know if he kissed her.

Trump said during the hot-mic moment on “Access Hollywood” that he couldn’t control himself and that he was grabbing and kissing women.

“And if you’re a celebrity, they let you do it!” he bragged at the time.

It was just a few weeks ago that actress and director Stormy Daniels described the moment she had with Trump in a hotel room after he similarly asked her to “dinner” to talk about her appearance on The Apprentice.

She testified under oath in Trump’s criminal trial in New York that after using the bathroom, she came out and found Trump in his underwear, posing on the bed.

“I thought we were getting somewhere, we were talking, and I thought you were serious about what you wanted. If you ever want to leave that trailer park,” Trump told her, according to the testimony.

Yet Murphy told the author that she never viewed Trump as a predator.

“If anything, I think he likes beautiful women too much, if that’s a bad thing,” she said.

She remained friends with Trump, she said, and when she got married, he gave her a discount so she could have the wedding at one of his properties.

Ironically, Trump joined her when she filmed a segment about her wedding for “Access Hollywood.”

During filming, Trump pulled her along and asked her why she married the fiancée.

“He put his arm around me,” Murphy described to Setoodeh. “It was off camera. I think he smacked my ass a little. I was like, ‘Goodness gracious!'”

The book will be released on June 18 and Raw Story will have full coverage.