Julianne Hough is a summer goddess with long beach waves in new video

Julianne Hough served the summer goddess in a new video she shared with her followers, showing off her long, beachy hair.

The Dancing with the stars The 35-year-old presenter posted a montage on social media this weekend celebrating her puppy Sunny’s first birthday. One of the clips showed Sunny with long hair.

The professional dancer, who has won the popular TV dance competition twice before, filmed herself in the car on selfie mode at the time before picking up her adorable dog, a cross between a golden retriever and a cocker spaniel.

Julianne Hough with long blonde hair

“I’m going to pick up Sunny today,” she tells the camera, before a montage video of her dog is played in honor of the adorable pooch’s birthday.

Julianne’s long blonde hair was a stunning look, perfect for summer. But these days the professional dancer has opted for a super sleek bob – and we’re totally loving it!

The star took the plunge in January this year and showed her fans how she’d made the move with a series of stunning snaps on Instagram, cleverly captioned: “Keeping things short & sweet.”

Julianne’s brave look caught the attention of her fans at the time. Someone wrote: “Stoppp this is so SO good!”

Others were also fans of the chic look, with a second person commenting: “Oh myyyy. You look incredible.”

Meanwhile, Julianne’s friend and actress Jennifer Love Hewitt also joined in the conversation and paid her a compliment. She simply wrote, “So gorgeous!!!”

Julianne Hough Now Has a Chic Bob

It’s not just her big hair transformations that are causing a stir in the comments on her Instagram account.

A recent video she shared drew some negative comments from followers regarding her slender physique. The clip in question, which was shared in June, showed the dancer stretching in her home sauna. You can watch the video for yourself below.

However, Julianne made sure to stand up for herself and see the funny side of fans’ reactions. Speaking to People, She said it was an “impulsive” decision to post it on her Instagram.

“And yes, I laughed so hard that that post got more views than anything else I’ve talked about, like my book,” she explained.

Julianne Hough in a cheeky selfie after a day in the sun

“It’s like when you see guys all the time in a sauna or a cold bath or something with their shirts off, and then the minute a woman does it in a bikini, it changes the perspective, which is totally fine. I get it.”

She continued, “I’m a 35-year-old woman who’s proud of her body, and I’m comfortable posting that.”