Chapin Woman’s Club awards $20,000 in scholarships to Chapin area students

Recent graduates of Chapin High School and Spring Hill High School were honored for their hard work and academic achievements when they were awarded scholarships by the Chapin Woman’s Club. The 2024 recipients are Brooke Arnold, Reagan Ashmore, Emerson Cannon, Rhea Bundrick, Destany Doby and Carrington Golson.

The Chapin Woman’s Club used an extensive process to determine which young women would receive the scholarships. A total of $20,000 was awarded to both the new graduates and to previous recipients who are currently working toward their degrees from a South Carolina institution of higher education. Factors such as GPA, SAT scores, FAFSA, and recommendations from high school counselors and teachers were integral when the CWC determined who would receive the financial aid.

The process began in January when the Chapin Woman’s Club contacted high school counselors about the program and asked for recommendations of those who would benefit most from their support. Applications were sent out in February, and the girls filed the necessary paperwork with the club after applying for Federal Student Aid. In March, the CWC met with all of the seniors in a large group and conducted individual interviews in April. Finally, the club met as a committee to decide which seniors would receive the scholarships, and their names were announced at the schools’ awards ceremonies, where they were presented with honorary certificates.

Additionally, the graduates were invited to attend a pizza and pool party hosted by the Chapin Woman’s Club in recognition of their accomplishments. The celebration gave them the opportunity to connect with each other, meet previous scholarship recipients, and get to know their new mentor, a CWC member. It is an honor for the women in the club to serve as mentors to these graduates.

Shannon Allonier, co-chair of CWC’s Scholarship Committee, praised the efforts of these young women. “I’m a retired high school teacher, and when I first started mentoring, I was actually mentoring a bunch of alumni. There was a young lady who went on to become a registered nurse at USC. I just love her! I mentored her for four years. I love these girls; they keep me young.”

It is important that club members encourage and support their mentees, as they believe they should be positive role models for the girls as they embark on their new journey to higher education.

For more information about the Chapin Woman’s Club, visit www.chapinwomansclub.orgCommunity members who wish to make a donation to support future graduates can do so by making a contribution to the club and indicating that they would like the donation to be used for the scholarship fund.