Muslim community in southwest declares loyalty and support for Sultan of Sokoto

Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto
Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III, the Sultan of Sokoto

Muslim community in southwest declares loyalty and support for Sultan of Sokoto

Muslims from the southwestern states of Nigeria have pledged allegiance, full support, unconditional obedience, loyalty and submission to the commandments of Allah, Prophet Muhammad and Ameerul Mu’meneen, the Sultan of Sokoto, under the motto of the Unity of Muslim Rights.

According to the group’s Secretary, Imam Billal Akinola Oseni, the commitment and support became necessary following a sensational news report emanating from the Sokoto State government seat on the likely change of status governing the establishment, powers, functions and all other related matters pertaining to the office of the Sultan of Sokoto. As per the requirements of the Sunnat of our noble Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaehi, he also serves as the Commander of the Muslim Faithful throughout Nigeria (Ameeral mu’meneen).

“As Muslims, we are instructed to follow the path of Allah Zuljalaal Walikraam as contained in the Glorious Qur’an, without choice and without doubt. Therefore, Muslims are expected as a matter of duty and obligation to conform their will and desires to the messages of the Glorious Qur’an and the living examples of our noble Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alaehi wasallam.

“Our noble Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaehi wasallam) reportedly said that for every group of twos, threes, fours and more there should be a leader, an Ameer, under whom they conduct their religious affairs, as long as the said Ameer conducts himself according to the precepts of Allah azza wa jalla and the Sunnat of His noble Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alaehi wasallam),” he said.

The group compared the Ameerul mu’meneen, Sultan Abubakar III, to a symbol of Allah. Allah subhaanahu wa taha’la commands Muslims to honor and remember His symbols. Anyone who does so is counted among His pious servants and will also receive a good reward in His presence.

The group explained that: “Given the lineage of Sultan Shaykh Abubakr Sa’ad III, since he assumed the coveted chair, the Ummat has witnessed tremendous progress in its spiritual development across the country.

“Therefore, it is of no use to say that these monumental achievements of the Ummat have aroused the anger of Shaytan and that he is seeking every possible means to poison the mentality of the Ummat and reset our mindset to cause hatred, bitterness and discontent among all Muslim groups and individuals.”

The group therefore called on Muslims in Sokoto State, under the able leadership of the Sultan and Governor of Sokoto State, to “beware of the mischief of the arch-enemy Shaytan and her cohorts, whose main occupation is to deceive the Ummat by infiltrating their ranks and unity with all kinds of divisive satanic incursions and influences.

“And pray to Allah to grant continued blessings to the Ummat and to make it victorious over whatever evil machinations the Shaytan devises to extinguish the light of Islam.”

By PRNigeria

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