I am 47 and get the most effective skin firming effects from my morning coffee

A COFFEE fanatic shared how her morning cup of joe kills two birds with one stone.

She revealed her trick to get a skin-firming effect thanks to her coffee.

A woman shared the coffee trick she uses to get extra collagen (Stock photo)Source: Getty

Redditor Hypatia76 shared the anti-aging tip in a post.

She explained that she adds a secret ingredient to her coffee and has noticed a huge improvement in her skin as a result.

“Honestly, the most effective and long-lasting skin firming effect I’ve ever experienced is from collagen powder in my coffee every morning,” she said.

“It took about two weeks to see results, but it’s better than anything I’ve used topically so far.”

She added that she has noticed improvements in other areas besides her skin.

“My hair is also getting thicker. I originally started with collagen because my orthopedic surgeon recommended it to me.

“(I’m) a lifelong runner and at 47 I’ve had two ankle surgeries and run with repetitive strain pain all the time).

“The result on the skin is a bonus!”

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She shared that her favorite collagen brand is Beauty Collagen Powder from Vital Proteins.

‘The best thing ever for wrinkles,’ exclaim Amazon customers who buy a $19 night cream that makes skin ‘dramatically smoother’

“I mix it with a hydration pack with key nutrients,” she said.

“The pom cherry and pink lemonade go best with it.”

Hundreds of thousands of Amazon customers shared similar sentiments and gave the product rave five-star reviews.

A woman with an autoimmune disease detailed how she used the collagen supplement to support her hair growth.

Anti-aging tips and ‘superstar’ products

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Dr. Anatalia Moore is a family physician and dermatologist with over 11 years of clinical experience.

She told The US Sun that her goal is to empower patients with the knowledge they need to take control of their skin journey.

She said the basic principles of a beauty routine are the same for all ages: it should include an effective cleanser, moisturizer and SPF.

“For me, moisturizers are super important, even in place of products with active ingredients,” she said.

“Finding a well-balanced moisturizer that provides the right amount of hydration, replaces natural oils and seals them in, literally stabilizing your skin.

“This in itself can quickly soften the appearance of fine lines and texture, as these are often worsened by dehydration.

“It also ensures that the skin can function as it should.

“This allows it to heal faster, which can lead to fewer lines and wrinkles, fewer flare-ups of dermatitis and rosacea, and shorter-lasting, milder breakouts.”

Dr. Moore’s skin care products:

“Quick details: I have lupus and have been losing my hair since I was 19. It falls out in clumps, then stops for a while, then falls out again. It’s always been thin and thin and there have even been patches,” she says.

“Diet and medications don’t seem to help, but I started the Autoimmune Protocol medical diet and was recommended to take collagen.

“I can’t speak for everyone, but this works for me, even though I have a serious autoimmune disease that works against it.

“I would recommend waiting a while to judge because hair and nail cells are rapidly dividing cells that take at least 4-6 weeks to go from birth to death (i.e. they take a while to take in and release new nutrients during the new growth phase).”

She warned that the process may take longer than you might expect.

“You have to give it time. Take two scoops a day and wait until you start to get a little breakout, because that’s when your skin has to get used to the new product and it starts producing more collagen,” she says.

“This is a great product, worth the money, and you will definitely see a difference if you continue to use it.

“I didn’t see the difference myself until about a month ago, so keep using it, give your body a chance to acclimate and let those cells move forward with the new influx of collagen. Give it time!”