Marine Terrace resident angry over green wall of neighbor who ‘does what she wants’

Shazalina Salim
July 8, 2024

Gardening became a popular pastime when movement was restricted during the pandemic, as everyone looked for activities to keep themselves busy. However, one resident’s hobby, which reportedly started about three years ago, has drawn the ire of her neighbours in Block 19 of Marine Terrace. Netizen Gulam Rasul shared a video and photos of the resident’s “green wall” on Facebook group Complaint Singapore on July 3, raising concerns about fire hazards and mosquito breeding grounds. The 44-year-old told Shin Min Daily News that he has lived in the same block for 17 years and that the neighbour with plants moved in about 10 years ago. “Some of the potted plants look dry and flammable, and she also piles up a lot of plastic bottles and cups, which have become a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” Mr Gulam claimed. “I have children and I am worried that the green wall attracts mosquitoes and causes dengue fever.” He added that the plant wall has made the common corridor narrower, posing a safety hazard to people passing by the unit. The two neighbours appear not to have spoken to each other since Mr Gulam asked her to move her plants when he needed his plumbing repaired. He shared: “Although she did move the potted plant at the time, she put it back to its original spot shortly after. When I spoke to her about it, she was not happy, so we have not communicated since then.” “I have reported this to the authorities before and they came to warn the neighbour, but she still does whatever she wants,” he explained, adding that he does not mind his neighbours keeping plants as long as they keep the common areas neat and tidy.