Gold Coast battery factory to produce EV chargers and community batteries

Australian battery storage and EV charger manufacturer eLumina is nearing completion of a $20 million manufacturing facility on the Gold Coast. The facility will be the first in the country to produce both lithium-ion batteries for the local market and EV chargers.

Founded in 2022, eLumina has already installed the first of its battery-integrated EV chargers – a 193kWh battery-integrated charger called the D1. Six D1 chargers have been installed in Queensland and New South Wales, with another 30 on order from NRMA and Essential Energy.

“Over the next 12 months, we will install at least 50 D1s and probably about 150 D2s,” said Lisa Marsh, co-founder and CEO of eLumina.

The company also offers two containerized battery energy storage systems based on an LFP chemistry: the 931kWh L1000 and the 1,491kWh L1500.

eLumina L1500
eLumina L1000

Now, eLumina’s new factory is nearing completion and is expected to be operational in August. Once fully operational, the Gold Coast-based manufacturing facility will be capable of producing 300 batteries per year.

While eLumina faces a challenging challenge – the company rose to prominence following the demise of Australian electric vehicle charging supplier Tritium – the company believes that onshore manufacturing of key electric vehicle technologies, such as chargers and batteries, is vital to Australia’s energy future.

“Global demand for batteries is skyrocketing,” Marsh said. “We have record solar and power generation in Australia, but we need battery storage at scale to unlock its full potential.

“Through battery storage, we can capture this energy and provide reliable and cheaper off-grid power to all Australians. This insulates communities from power outages and saves them money.”

Image credit: eLumina

Marsh told The Driven earlier this year that eLumina has already been approached to install its D2 chargers at former Tritium stations. He added that the company’s products “deal with Tritium day and night.”

“Tritium didn’t have an all-in-one battery solution, so their target market was very different, their price point was very different. Our D1 product, the suggested retail price is $250,000. It’s really designed for rural areas and we’re the only ones who have found that solution.”

eLumina also aims to accelerate the deployment of its EV chargers across Australia by partnering with Addelec (formerly Gemtek), a leading EV charging station installer.

“The number of electric vehicles on Australian roads is growing rapidly and charging infrastructure needs to keep pace,” said Chris McPherson, Managing Director of Addelec.

“The eLumina D1 with built-in battery storage is a great option, especially given the energy challenges we are facing across Australia.”