ILS Law College: HC says probe into caste, intimidation allegations

ILS Faculty of Law

ILS Faculty of Law

Poona: The Mumbai High Court has directed the state government to conduct an inquiry into allegations of caste-based discrimination, bullying, favouritism, sexual harassment and bullying at the ILS Law College in Pune.

The directive follows a letter written by students to Chief Justice Devendra Kumar Upadhyay, highlighting these serious concerns. In response, the Registrar (Judicial) of the High Court has directed the state’s Directorate of Higher Education to take the complaints seriously and submit a report on the action taken expeditiously.

Students, frustrated by the lack of response from the college administration, approached Chief Justice Upadhyay with their grievances. The letter, signed by over 118 current and former students, details their failed attempts to seek relief from senior administrative officials, prompting them to seek judicial intervention as a last resort.

ILS Law College is affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University, which prompted the students to appeal to the Vice-Chancellor. However, they allege that the college administration remained indifferent and took no action, necessitating the escalation to the High Court.

The students’ letter alleges that the university administration is in favour of appointing Brahmin students to various institutional positions, thereby increasing the chances of being selected because of their surname.

Furthermore, the letter mentions several cases of bullying and harassment, including one in which 15 female students complained that they were stalked and threatened by a male student, which the university management allegedly ignored.

The letter also accuses professors of insulting former students and transgender people and criticizing their clothing in front of other students and staff.

The students have demanded the formation of an independent inquiry committee to investigate the allegations. They have also called for inclusive policies that ensure that all castes and religions are represented among the students.

The intervention of the High Court aims to ensure a thorough investigation into these serious allegations, with a focus on addressing the concerns of the students and bringing about necessary reforms at ILS Law College.

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