India-US quality of life comparison stirs controversy

Internet users have recently been embroiled in a lively debate over whether India or the United States offers a superior quality of life. This debate was sparked by a woman who shared her personal experiences of living in both countries on social media, with the aim of redefining the concept of “real luxury.”

On social media platform X, Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi, who is of Indian descent, discussed the contrasting living experiences between the United States and India. She said that she previously believed that amenities such as affordable housekeeping and grocery delivery defined a luxurious lifestyle in India. After visiting the United States, the woman realized that a good quality of life is defined by clean air and well-maintained roads.

She shared her story on social media, writing: “Day 11 today in the US and this is a thought I had last night. It may be triggering for some of you. But if online text with someone’s opinion triggers you, that is a space that you need to fully work on and protect for your own energy.”

“So the thought is – I’ve always felt how luxurious life in India can be with: quick food delivery, grocery delivery within 10 minutes, affordable housekeeping. I literally survive on grocery delivery lol. But REAL quality of life is actually things that are super basic. It’s clean air, continuous electricity, availability of water, lots of greenery, good roads,” Sodhi added.

The social media user indicated that clean air and the freedom to visit stores without fear are more important to citizens than fast delivery services.

“And the real luxury is central air conditioning instead of dying in 45C without electricity on some days, the freedom to wear whatever you want to be comfortable instead of men staring at you. Because things that have made me happy these days, apart from family time, are morning walks, fresh air, green pastures, seeing the sunrise and sunset, the sound of birds instead of honking,” Sodhi said.

She went on to say that “maybe it’s my definition of quality of life and luxury that has changed.” “I don’t know if I’ll ever achieve any of the above. But it’s definitely a thought in my head,” the X user wrote.