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The viral video shows a compilation of two separate events that have nothing to do with the 2024 Olympic torch lighting ceremony

The Summer Olympics kick off in Paris on July 26, sparking heated debate on social media. Meanwhile, a video has gone viral on social media showing a torch being lit inside a cathedral, followed by fireworks outside. Those sharing the video claim it shows the Olympic torch being lit from a church in Paris.

The caption of the viral post reads: “Lighting of the Olympic torch from the church of Paris. Spectacular”

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We began our research using a keyword search on Google, the results of which led us to an article published on the official Olympic website describing the traditional torch lighting ceremony. According to the article, the Olympic flame is ceremonially lit months before the opening of the Games at the ancient site of Olympia, Greece. The Olympic flame has been a symbol of peace and friendship between nations since ancient times. To ensure its purity, the flame is always lit by the High Priestess using the sun’s rays focused by a parabolic mirror, after which it is passed on to the first torchbearer who begins the Olympic torch relay.

For the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, the official lighting ceremony was streamed live on the Olympic YouTube channel on April 16. A report from France24 confirmed that the sacred flame was indeed lit in Olympia, Greece, by Greek actress Mary Mina, who played the role of the high priestess. Due to overcast skies, a backup flame was used instead of a parabolic mirror. The Olympic torch arrived in Marseille, France, on May 8 and is now reportedly in the C’Chartres area of ​​France, southwest of Paris.

When we carefully watched the viral video, we noticed that there were two different segments in it. The first segment shows a priest lighting a torch in a cathedral, followed by a device that carries the flame to the door. The second segment shows fireworks in the open air at night.

We discovered that the first part of the video is from the “Scoppio del Carro” (Explosion of the Cart) event that takes place every Easter Sunday in Florence, Italy. According to a video description from April 2021, the event involves a priest lighting a device that then flies out and back in. The official website of the city of Florence explains that this historic event dates back to the First Crusade and involves a “fire” cart, the “Brindellone,” accompanied by a procession, ending with fireworks being set off from the cart.

We also came across a screenshot of the same video in a report from the Spanish version of Huffington Post, titled ‘The spectacular tradition of ‘The explosion of the cart’ and the ‘Flight of the dove’ that impresses in Florence’.

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The second part of the viral video was traced to concerts of German metal band Rammstein, known for their extensive use of fireworks. A similar video was uploaded on YouTube video by DMD, dated June 11, 2024, showing a concert of Rammstein – a German band. The band has been on a European stadium tour since May, often using outdoor fireworks during their performances.


Fact Crescendo has found the claim in the viral video to be true Incorrect. The viral video shows a compilation of two separate events that have nothing to do with the Olympic torch lighting ceremony. The actual Olympic torch lighting ceremony for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games took place in Olympia, Greece.


Title:Videos of unrelated events going viral linking to the lighting of the torch at the 2024 Paris Olympics

Fact Checked By: Usha Manoj

Result: Incorrect