‘Vinicius Junior law’ comes into effect in Brazil…


Real Madrid and Brazil Vinicius Junior is the most outspoken critic of racism in Spain, looking the terrible racism right in the eye. It has brought a lot of support from home in Brazil, where the fight against racism has been taken up with renewed fervor.

Perhaps the most concrete example of the change brought about by his action is the so-called “Vinicius Law,” which came into effect on Tuesday, as reported by Diario AS. This law establishes a legal framework for officials at sporting events in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In the event of racism or homophobia, the referee can stop the match until the behavior stops. If the behavior is repeated, the referee can stop the match for 10 minutes and ask the players or athletes to leave the field or playing area. If the behavior continues, the referee can end the match.

The officials must also alert the police to the behavior and address the fans over the loudspeaker. If the discrimination occurs before the match, the official has the authority to stop the match.

It should be noted that these are largely existing or recommended rules in FIFA’s anti-discrimination protocol. However, by enshrining it in law, officials are protected and given more power to make these decisions, at least in Brazil. Earlier this year, the first prison sentence for racism on a sports field was handed out in Spain in a case involving Vinicius.

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